I took two screenshots that are very bigger size. :D
First screenshot is 1172x882 and 2nd screenshot is 1172x857.


Best line award goes to Oishi. 



We promise that Prince of Tennis isn’t just about killing dinosaurs.

There are more than just killing dinosaurs in Prince of Tennis.

Just a brief list of bizarre things that happened (which I can’t remember everything because a) it’s fucking impossible and b) I’m trying to forget some of them)

  • You go through levels in tennis. And I’m not talking hypothetical level, I’m talking actual Super Saiyan ninja shit levels
  • Tennis ball blowing up the ground. Or creating holes in them
  • The existence of Kawamura Takashi (and also his survival)
  • The existence of Fuji Syuusuke
  • A tennis player can take away his opponent’s senses (which is why he is called the Child of God) [note: I’m still confused]
  • Somehow injuring your opponents is not illegal
  • People turning into demon. Like legitimate demons. With red eyes and all that shit
  • Inui Juice [still not sure what is in it]
  • Physics
  • Teenage boys being held hostages on a boat and playing such awesome tennis it destroyed the fucking thing [also: who fucking invited middle school students to play tennis for money? Isn’t that illegal?]
  • You can get a brother out of nowhere
  • People flying in the sky while playing tennis
  • Niou’s abilities??????????
  • In the new series, fences were broken and apparently you can used 9 tennis balls now??? When the fuck did that happen?
  • I’m still debating the method of drunk coach
  • Also, pirate and tears in the fabric of the galaxy. And black holes

However, what Prince of Tennis is really about:

  • stupid boys playing tennis
  • weird, handsome stupid boys playing tennis
  • stupid boys bonding over tennis
  • stupid boys become a big, weird family
  • stupid boys are best friends despite being rivals
  • stupid boys helping each other despite being rivals
  • stupid boys overcoming everything (including fictional deathly diseases) to play tennis
  • stupid boys finding their passion and love for tennis
  • stupid boys being protective and loving with each other
  • stupid boys being stupid boys

Bonus perks:

  • BL fanservice
  • Gratuitous half-naked shots
  • Crotch shots
  • Butt shots (especially Inui’s)
  • Karupin