I have a forgiveness in me
the size of eons
and if a dragon’s body is big enough
it just looks like the world.

Did you know
the earth used to have two moons?

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I redrew a random stock image into IwaOi because I felt it calling to me. :’^)

Iwa View:


"I promise that you'll never be alone again."

an iwaoi mix

                                     me without you - sam tsui

                                            riptide - vance joy

                                          i’m yours - the script

                                            mirrors - sam tsui

                                          syndicate - the fray

                                            what if - safetysuit

                                        time bomb - all time low

                                               nicotine - p!atd

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✧   haikyuu!!   ✧   oikawa tooru   ✧   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ✧   oh oooooohhhhhhh my gosh i-- *A*   ✧   fav   ✧  


bad girls do it well // a mix for girls who take no shit.

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"The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few discover." — Joseph Addison

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I never realized how much I missed tormenting the Avatar.

✧   legend of korra   ✧   :'')   ✧  
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